cabinet rollouts


Are you looking to improve storage space in your kitchen or bath? We have someone new ideas for cabinet rollouts!

What Are Rollouts?

Rollouts are trays that hold all of the items stored in your cabinets. When pulled forward, they roll out to display items for easy viewing and access. No need to bend down and peer in before trying to retrieve what we want—especially anything behind the first row!

They have a few different names and a few hyphenated variations on those names: pullouts and slideouts, pull-outs, slide-outs and roll-outs. But whatever we call them, rollouts make our lives easier by creating greater functionality in our kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms while reducing back and knee strain.

Buyers of new homes and those doing kitchen or bath remodels have long been able to add rollouts to their new cabinets. When custom rollouts, built specifically to fit existing cabinets came along, that’s when the rest of us breathed an audible hallelujah!

Get A Free Estimate!

P1000020.JPGCall Aesop’s Gables at (505) 275-1804 to make an in-home appointment, or visit our showroom in Albuquerque.

The process starts with your initial conversation with our team who has designed, manufactured and installed many thousands of custom rollouts through his own business here in Albuquerque since 2000.

Next, we visit your home, look at your kitchen, bath or pantry –  and discuss options with you. Then we prepare a written price quote.

When you decide to proceed with having us build and install your custom rollouts, we’ll ask you for a deposit of 50% of the cost and the balance will be due after we install them.