JambBrace ~ The Best Theft Prevention Solution!

87% of Forced Home Entries Come Through the Front Door

Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

It takes less than 10 seconds for a criminal to kick through your locked front door. JambBrace The Door Reinforcer keeps intruders out.

Invisible and invincible, JambBrace helps prevent break-ins while protecting your loved ones, your home, and your belongings. This is the home security solution for homeowners and builders who care about protecting homeowners and their property.

JambBrace home theft protection

The Right Angle to Prevent Theft

  • Super-strong 20-gauge steel
  • Protects the point of the door criminals attack
  • Tested to hurricane impact standard of 350 ft. lbs.
  • Does not allow drafts like typical U-shaped plates
  • Not visible from outside, tastefully designed inside.
  • Available in brass, antique brass, nickel, aged bronze, and white – or can be painted any color!
  • Will not transfer heat or cold from outside like U-shaped escutheon plates

How Does JambBrace Work?

JambBrace reinforces the weakest part of the doorway – the frame.

Using a heavy-duty aluminum plate to reinforce the door frame, JambBrace turns your door into a nearly impenetrable barrier between an intruder and the inside of your home.

When installed, our specially designed L-shaped door edge protector, JambBrace makes it virtually impossible for an intruder to kick, pry or force his way through the doorway. And because it is completely concealed behind the trim, JambBrace is cosmetically appealing.

how do I stop burglars? JamBrace

Stop burglars from entering your home with JambBrace!

I have an alarm system. Do I really need JambBrace?

Alarm systems may deter a small number of burglars, but their primary function is to alert you and the monitoring company when someone has already gained access to your home. The alarm system, by itself, does absolutely nothing to keep the burglar out. Unfortunately, home alarms result in thousands of false alarms each year costing homeowners and law enforcement agencies thousands of dollars. Research from leading crime experts shows that, when triggered, less than 1 in 20,000 home alarms result in an actual arrest. Alarm systems can provide homeowners with peace of mind which is important, but the best thing you can do to safeguard your home is to lock your doors and ensure that your door is strong enough to help prevent a break-in.

Does JambBrace work better with other products?

We suggest that the JambBrace be installed and used in combination with the Schlage B60 grade one deadbolt. We also recommend using Edward Wayne’s patented L-shaped door edge protector. Our research indicates that this combination provides the strongest support for door frames.

JambBrace is Tested and Proven

Working closely with one of America’s major suburban police departments, the developers of JambBrace tested their product against dozens of other theft-deterrent systems. The results were so convincing that the police department involved n the testing helped revise city building codes – making it mandatory that new homes are fitted with a reinforced door frame. Multiple U.S. cities now have adopted the same ordinance. JamBrace is the preferred product to meet these city codes.

JambBrace has been tested by Underwriter Laboratories in accordance with the ASTM F476-84 test method, where it exceeded the hurricane impact standard.

How JambBrace is Installed

JambBrace is designed to be installed during the construction process or retrofitted in an existing door. Millwork houses throughout the country are benefiting from installing the JambBrace at the time of door construction. More and more contractors, developers and real estate agents are demanding doors with reinforced frames. JambBrace can be installed in existing doors – easy-to-use instructions let you install it yourself or you can rely on one of our factory trained dealers for a simple, affordable installation.

  1. Secure the door frame with JambBrace The Door Reinforcer®
  2. Install the EWI-designed L-shaped escutcheon plate / door edge protector
  3. Install a Grade 2 deadbolt or better
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