Top Ways to Avoid Kitchen Renovation Remorse

Jul 03, 2018
tips to avoid kitchen renovation remorse

Considering a kitchen remodel? Here are 7 tips to make sure you avoid kitchen renovation remorse.

Kitchen Walkway

Never sacrifice walkway clearance to accommodate a bigger island; 36” is the minimum for clearance. Being able to move freely through your kitchen is much more beneficial than having a larger island.

kitchen walkway

Check Appliance Specs

Check appliance specs and clearances. Make sure your refrigerator doors will not hit walls when opening, or provide obstruction to cabinets and other appliances.

kitchen sink placement

Sink Placement

Centering the sink on the window gives a nice balanced appearance, and makes for a pleasant view while working at the sink. Whenever possible, install the dishwasher directly next to the sink. This is most efficient, not only for cleaning up, but also for hooking up water lines.

Hood Vents

Use a hood that vents to the outside of the house if possible. This allows for quick removal of smoke and smells.

kitchen hood vents


Use a cabinet front as a side panel, to create the look of a cabinet. This will disguise the angle, and create extra storage. Corners can sometimes be hard to access in a kitchen. Make sure to use accessories where they’ll be beneficial; like a blind corner pull-out cabinet, or a lazy Susan, if space allows.

cabinet rollouts


Credit: Thank you to Merillat for the content of this post