Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2022

Dec 06, 2022

Beautiful kitchen with brown cabinets and beige countertops.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you cook your family dinner, everyone gathers to talk, and memories are made. So, instead of settling for a kitchen you just tolerate, you should make sure it’s a space you absolutely love.

There are many kitchen remodeling trends circulating, and many of them are bound to work beautifully in your home. No matter the size of your kitchen or budget, you’ll be sure to find some remodeling ideas here that you can use for your future kitchen renovation. Keep reading to learn about some of the top kitchen remodeling trends in 2022.

1. Open-Concept Floorplans

Nobody wants to cook in tight quarters. Instead of keeping your kitchen closed off from the rest of your home, consider knocking out a wall or two to create more of an open concept. That way, you can still feel like you’re engaged with the rest of the guests in your home rather than hidden away in the kitchen as you cook.

2. Multiple Islands

Kitchen islands are fantastic for many reasons. They often have extra storage space for your kitchen appliances and dinnerware, can be used as bar seating, and provide ample counterspace for you and your guests to use as you’d like. Double islands mean double the perks.

3. Colorful Cabinets

If you were to browse a few magazines or social media for kitchen remodeling ideas, you would likely see many kitchens with bright, vivid cabinets. While white cabinets dominated the realm for quite some time, colorful cabinets will add youth and light to your kitchen.

4. Sleek, Modern Appliances

If you opt to have bright cabinets installed in your kitchen, you’ll want to contrast them with sophisticated appliances. Dark or neutral tones are best, and they will age gracefully as these colors are timeless.

5. Patterned Hardwood Floors

Rather than going the safe route and having straight hardwood floor planks installed in your kitchen, choose something a bit more adventurous, like herringbone or chevron. This will add a unique touch to your kitchen.

6. Open Shelves

This one is tricky, but when done correctly, could make a large difference in the appearance of your kitchen. Open shelving allows you to display your beautiful plates, cutlery, and more. Plus, your items will always be easily accessible to you.

7. Unique Backsplashes

In 2022, elaborate backsplash tiles with texture and dimension are all the rage. Settling for neutral-toned subway tiles is a thing of the past—attention-grabbing tiles will add variation to your kitchen that wasn’t there before.

8. Elaborate Light Fixtures

This simple yet effective kitchen remodeling trend will add a pop of artistic charm to your kitchen. Light fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can play around with different dimensions to find a look you love.

Partner With Aesop’s Gables

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